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Ken Doll Black Tuxedo

Ken Doll Black Tuxedo
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Item Description
Too many Ken dolls are not living up to the image of walking with the super fashionable and well dressed Barbie doll. Get your Ken doll raised a notch in his clothing. For sure if Ken is going to a wedding, have him dressed in a tuxedo. This tuxedo set for Kena dn 12 1/2 inch dolls consists of: a long sleeve white synthetic material, long pants and jacket, a cumberbund and a bow tie. The pants have a black silk stripe down the side of the leg. Two pocket flaps are on each side of Kens jacket. In this photo, his lapel is not pressed down. But when the lapel is down, it is lined with the same black satin that forms the stripe in his pants. Doll clothing for Ken is not easy to find and the tuxedo is the rarest of Kens clothing.