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Pants and Shorts Sets - Size 8 1/2

If your little girl loves her baby doll and carries her around wherever she goes, imagine how happy she would be to be able to dress herself and her doll in identical outfits. Put a big smile on her face and create a fashion sensation at the playground, around the neighborhood, at the store with mom or dad, or at family gatherings.
Our blue cotton plaid sporty shorts set features white cotton appliqué trim on the blouse with a stylish square neckline and color-coordinated black shorts. Cotton material and an elastic waistband in the shorts makes this outfit not only pretty, but very comfortable. It’s perfect for active play. These outfits come in a little girl’s size 8.5, and the matching doll clothes are available for an additional $9.50 in three sizes, for American Girl, Cabbage Patch or Baby Doll brands. Delight your young daughter with this very special gift.
PLEASE NOTE: The child and doll clothes are sold in sets. You purchase the child outfit and doll outfit of your choice for $27.50 and any additional doll outfit for an additional $9.50.  We offer the doll outfit in four types. They are American Girl Doll Size, Baby Doll Size, Cabbage Patch Doll size and My Twin doll size. Since the doll outfits come in four sizes, you have to chose the doll size that you want. The other reason these are not packaged sets and you purchase the doll size separately is that 40% of our customers buy more than one matching doll outfit. If we package them in a set, they would not be able to buy one child outfit with two matching doll outfits.
Please be aware, the clothes in this section are meant for people who want to order both a child and doll outfits. On the matching pages, you cannot buy just the child outfit without the matching doll outfit. For refunds, it will also be necessary to return both the child and doll clothes. Although most of the images on this page show the clothing on just the doll, all the items here are matching clothes for child and doll.
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