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Stuffed Animal Clothes

Stuffed Animal Green Hello Kitty Dress
Item# AG15E
The measurements of this dog are: 11 1/2" around the neck, 15 1/2" around the stomach and 13 1/2" tall. Because stuffed animals are sqishy, the dress can go on an animal slightly larger. The critcal ...
Our Price: $7.55
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Stuffed Animal Clothes
Stuffed animals are popular among all children – both boys and girls. Even adults can get in on the stuffed animal clothes action! Certain stuffed animals can be collector’s items as well often gaining value as they get older, which is why many adults like them too. Doll Clothes Superstore offers clothing for stuffed animals for Beanie Babies, WebKinz and more. Our Beanie Babies outfits can even be used for small stuffed animals. Dress up that Beanie Baby in a jumpsuit, ballet outfit, camouflage suit, gown, school dress or a holiday-themed piece. Stuffed animal clothing is excellent if you want to give a Beanie Baby gift and would like to personalize it even further.

WebKinz is the stuffed animal that comes alive on the internet. Dress them up in our custom clothes that are manufactured to fit these adorable dolls. Choose from dresses, tees, overalls and more. With clothes for stuffed animals, Doll Clothes Superstore lets you personalize your special doll to your heart’s content!
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