Sizes of Barbie's Feet

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Sizes of Barbie's Feet


Buying shoes for Barbie and her non uniform feet

The fun of playing with Barbie has always been to dress her up in all the fashions that little girls dream about. And every fashion lover wants plenty of shoes to go with the outfits. If every Barbie doll had the same size and shape feet, outfitting her with footwear would be easy. But that is not the case.

The traditional Barbie has a foot shaped to wear high heeled shoes and is just slightly over 3/4" in length, to be exact her foot is 13/16". Luckily, most of the Barbie’s that have been produced are this shape and length. Some of the current popular Barbie’s all with this traditional shape and size foot are: Birthday Barbie, Barbie Tanner, Barbie Luv Me series, Barbie I Can Be series and the inexpensive Barbie's that sell for approximately 5.00 in discount stores. There is a vast selection of shoes to fit these feet.

There have been Barbie’s with a foot designed for flat shoes. Unfortunately, these Barbie’s need shoes specifically designed for their flat foot and those shoes are not as common.

In recent years there are some Barbie’s whose foot is different in some way than the traditional 13/16" foot Barbie. The Silkstone Barbie, or Fashion Model Barbie, was introduced by Mattel in 2003. It is very popular with collectors. Silkstone Barbie has a higher arched foot that looks best with higher than normal high heels. Mattel has been releasing only 1 or 2 separate outfits for these dolls each year so the selection of shoes is limited.

Currently a popular new Barbie with girls is Mariposa Barbie. Mariposa has wings that "magically spring open". She is a butterfly fairy with a message that the most beautiful thing you can be is yourself. Her foot, exactly one inch in length, is too long to fit in the traditional Barbie shoes.

Doll Clothes Superstore has the largest selection of shoes for traditional Barbie’s, flat footed Barbie’s and Mariposa.


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