Stuffed Animal Clothes

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Your kids probably have plenty of stuffed animals hanging around in their rooms. Now, thanks to our creative selection of stuffed animal clothing, they can dress those old stuffed animals up into new and exciting friends!

Our stuffed animal clothes fit most medium size dolls. They can be used with generic stuffed animals, or even brand name toys like build-a-bear. Your kids will love picking out new outfits for their old stuffed animals to give them a new life, and a fresh look.

SIZING GUIDE This orange dog you see in many of these clothes is 13 1/2 inches tall. It measures 16 inches around the stomach.

The light yellow bear you see in many of these clothes is 20" tall and measures 12" around the neck and 19" around the waist.
We offer a range of styles to choose from, such as dresses, pants sets, costumes and more! Your kids will enjoy dressing their stuffed animals up in our delightful line of original clothing.

Each item of stuffed animal clothing is held to the same standards of quality as our other doll clothes. When you order from Doll Clothes Superstore, you can rest easy knowing that youÂ’re purchasing the clothes and accessories your kids want the most. As always, shipping is free on orders over $60.