Pants and Shorts Sets - Size 8 1 2

These adorable cotton skort and top sets are designed for both your daughter and her beloved doll, so they can dress up as twins. Imagine how excited she'll be to see her doll in a pretty outfit that matches her own. Skorts are actually shorts that look like skirts (also known as culottes), so they're super comfortable and perfect for spring or summer trips to the park, playground or a trip with mom and dad
 PLEASE NOTE: The child and doll clothes are sold in sets.   We offer the doll outfit in four types. They are American Girl Doll Size, Baby Doll Size, and Cabbage Patch Doll size. Since the doll outfits come in three sizes, you have to chose the doll size that you want.  The matching doll dress will fit 18 inch dolls. If you would like the doll dress to fit a baby doll or a Cabbage Patch Kid doll, please note that in the comments box and we will switch from the 18 inch size doll dress to the baby doll or Cabbage Patch Kid doll size 
Please be aware, the clothes in this section are meant for people who want to order both a child and doll outfits. On the matching pages, you cannot buy just the child outfit without the matching doll outfit. For refunds, it will also be necessary to return both the child and doll clothes. Although some of the images on this page show the clothing on just the doll, all the items here are matching clothes for child and doll.

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