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Doll Clothes Superstore was established by a Kindergarten teacher whose mission was to provide excellent quality, handmade doll clothes in a variety of styles at affordable prices for all sizes and types of dolls. That vision remains our goal and as a labor of love, we strive to make the best hand made doll clothing available. We make doll clothing for all popular boy and girl dolls including 18 inch girl and boy dolls like American Girl, Our Generation and My Life dolls. We also make doll clothes for Cabbage Patch Kid dolls, Baby Alive dolls, baby dolls, Barbie, Ken, GI Joe, stuffed animals and Beanie Babies. Sure to make your favorite girl smile are our matching girl and doll clothes. We have a large selection of matching girl and doll dresses, pants, shorts and sleepwear. We also have doll shoes and accessories Our doll clothes are our own designs