18 Inch Doll Sundresses

Every girl needs a variety of styles of clothes and she very likely wants her doll to have a great selection of clothes also. The most fun girls have with their dolls is using their imagination and creativity to come up with a variety of scenes at playtime. That can be enhanced when the doll has a great variety of clothes to fit the playtime scene. Sundresses are adorable and can be a great addition to a doll's wardrobe. 

 At Doll Clothes Superstore we make sundresses in a variety of styles using many assorted fabrics. We have short sundresses made with cotton which are perfect for a day at the beach or going shopping.  We have long sundresses made with designer fabrics that can also serve as evening dresses for a dinner date or an invitation to a ball at the castle. 

 While the sundresses on this page were designed to fit 18 inch girl dolls like American Girl, Our Generation and My Life dolls, sundresses are often lose fitting and if so they will fit several other dolls. There are not many manufacturers that make Cabbage Patch Kid dolls clothes and due to their chubby necks most doll clothing for 18 inch dolls will fit their body but not go around their neck. That is when 18 inch doll sundresses are a plus for them since sundresses have a lower neckline, making them perfect for Cabbage Path Kid dolls.

DISCLAIMER: American Girl and associated trademarks are owned by Mattel.  Doll Clothes Superstore is not affiliated with American Girl or Mattel or any other doll manufacturer.  Our clothes are our own design and handmade.