16 Inch Cabbage Patch Kids Dresses

Cabbage Patch Kid dolls have been loved by generations of children for many years. Now, the delightful dolls are getting a modern makeover with our amazing collection of Cabbage Patch Kid dresses. Let your little girl get the most enjoyment from the iconic dolls by dressing them in unique and beautiful dresses in a variety of colors and styles.
Each delightful dress has been created to fit Cabbage Patch Dolls. The exciting collection of dresses is made of high-quality materials that will retain their beautiful looks for many years to come. Although some dresses have decorative buttons all the dresses close with Velcro.
Some of our Cabbage Patch Kid dresses also come with included accessories, such as purses, fanny packs or hats. The 16-inch Cabbage Patch doll clothes & dresses are available in a wide range of designs that are perfect for any occasion. So whether it is a casual day, special party event or a day of hanging out with friends, let your daughter choose her favorite style, or surprise her with a collection of our adorable outfits.
Cabbage Patch Kid dolls have been produced in several sizes so in the description of each dress, we list the measurements of the doll that is modeling the dress. An added plus for Cabbage Patch Kid dresses is that they will fit most of the common sizes of baby dolls sold in toy stores and large discount stores. The main difference between Cabbage Patch Kid from the average baby doll is the Cabbage Patch has a slightly bigger neck size.
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