Cabbage Patch Doll Coats

Keeping your Cabbage Patch Kid doll warm and stylish on cold winter days might be a challenge as there are very few doll clothing manufacturers making coats for Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. The most common size of Cabbage Patch Kid  dolls are the 15 and 16 inch size dolls. Those size dolls are sold in almost every toy and discount stores so that is the size doll for our main focus of doll clothing. Due to the lack of availability of coats from other sources, we find our winter coats for Cabbage Patch Kid dolls quickly sell and go out of stock. But have no fear, we are constantly designing new coats and jackets with long pants for Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. We are also constantly designing coats for baby dolls and most of the coats and jackets on the 15 inch baby doll page will fit Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. The description on the listing of the item will describe the dolls the particular items fits. Another option for a winter coat is a jacket and long pants to keep your doll snug and cozy on cold days. Many of those items are listed on the Cabbage Patch pants page, so visit those pages in both the Cabbage Patch and baby doll listings. And finally consider a sweater to keep your doll warm.  We have beautiful hand knit cable stitched winter sweaters that come with denim jeans. Have a good time browsing all these pages and contact us with questions at We are always happy to help.