Stuffed Animal Clothes

Soft toys made out of various types of cloth and filled with fiber, cotton, straw, wool, plastic pellets or beans are referred to as stuffed animals because they are often in the shape of animals. Recently they have often taken on the name of plush toys.  
Stuffed animals come in all shapes and sizes. The most common stuffed animal is the bear and are generally known as teddy bears. These plush bears range in design from brown bears and panda bears to koala bears and gummy bears. Teddy bears range in size from tiny key chain size to giant teddy bears a couple feet tall.
In addition to teddy bears, common stuffed animals are dogs and cats, zoo animals, mythological creatures, or fictional characters from books and films.
Kids love their stuffed animals because they are usually soft and cuddly. While many children like to dress their dolls, some children like to dress their favorite stuffed animal. So we make stuffed animal clothing for these soft critters to delight a child who prefers their stuffed animal to a doll.
Since the range of soft animals is huge, we cannot group the stuffed animal clothing in size categories. Thus, we make clothes for the most common sizes and in the description of each item, we list the measurements of the animal modeling the clothes. We also list the waist measurement from side to side of the stuffed animal clothing as well as the measurement of the item from shoulder to hem.
Generally our clothes fit two legged animals as it is more difficult to dress the four legged animals.
Many of the clothes that fit large baby dolls will also fit the common size stuffed animals. So if you are looking for dresses for your stuffed animals' wardrobe, check out the doll clothing for large baby dolls.