Pants & Shorts

Luckily for the girls who want to join in the fun of matching girl and doll clothes but prefer not to wear dresses, we have them covered. At Doll Clothes Superstore we make fancy dresses, casual dresses and for the girls who do not like either of those items, we make shorts and pants. Our matching girl and doll shorts and pants range in sizes from size 3 to size 14. All our clothes are our own design and handmade so your favorite girl will have unique items.
Most of the matching girl and doll shorts and pants are made for the 18 inch girl doll since that is currently the most popular doll on the market. However, we know there are many young children who are most comfortable with a baby doll so many of our matching clothes fit baby dolls. Cabbage Patch Kid dolls have retained interest over the years so most of our matching girl and doll shorts and pants are made with elastic waist and angel sleeves so they are versatile and will also fit Cabbage Patch Kid dolls.
At Doll Clothes Superstore we use a variety of fabrics and styles surely if you browse our items, you will find something that suits your favorite girl. Be assured the doll outfit will be an exact replica of the girls outfit.
Have fun browsing and looking for a special outfit that will delight your girl and make a special gift for any occasion. Buy these doll shorts and pants online today!