Baby Alive Beachwear

Baby Alive dolls are very popular with young children. They come in a variety of sizes with the most popular dolls ranging in size from 12 inches to 14 inches. Some dolls are soft bodies but most are hard bodies. The initial dolls from the 1980's were intentionally designed to simulate the challenges of infant care. So the dolls could eat and drink specific food that came with the doll. Then they needed a diaper change. 
Over time, the dolls have become more sophisticated than those of the past. The most recent have a stationary bracelet with a button, which when pressed activates the doll to say a phrase, a moving mouth which opens when it senses its special magnetic spoon, bottle or pacifier. or it speaks. 
The dolls are all so different, with many interactive that can express a variety of requests or expressions.  The interactive dolls are well constructed with an on off switch which will save the battery.
The dolls have a personality of their own and can ask for a hug or tell you they love you!  Definitely making them hard to resist.
At Doll Clothes Superstore we design doll clothes for the Baby Alive dolls so that no matter what the child and doll are doing, we have the outfit to go with the occasion. 
On this page we have beachwear so that dolls tagging along to the pool or beach will be properly dressed. The clothes come in a variety of fabrics and colors and all use Velcro as a closure so little fingers will not be frustrated with buttons or ties. All the clothes are handmade and machine washable. Browse our Baby Alive clothes and for sure you will find an outfit suited to your doll and child's liking.