18 Inch Doll Pajamas & Sleepwear

If your girl is considering an slumber party with her friends, a doll slumber party is fun and gives direction on the girls time together. Here are some ideas and activities you can include in a doll slumber party. You might build a story time into the party which provides a time for the girls to read and share some of their favorite stories or authors. They can create a storytelling session where each child takes turns telling a story about their doll's adventures. A mini fashion show where the children can dress up their dolls in different outfits and accessories is a favorite way girls can share some of the outfits in the dolls wardrobe. All these ideas will give direction to the evening and also encourage their imaginative play.
Regardless of the activities at the slumber party, Doll Clothes Superstore has the sleepwear needed to make the dolls ready for bed. We have unique handmade nightgowns and pajamas that are our own design. All the nightgowns close in the back with Velcro and all the pajama bottoms have elastic waist band. Some of the pajama tops have decorative buttons but there is Velcro underneath for the closure. We  use soft cuddly satin fabrics, cotton blend and lightweight flannel with cotton lace and trims.  All the doll clothing is machine washable.
Many of the sleepwear items on this page will fit baby dolls and Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. In the description, we list the length and width of each item which can be your guide in finding an outfit that very likely fits other dolls in addition to the 18 inch girl dolls.
Have fun finding an outfit for your next slumber party!

DISCLAIMER: American Girl and associated trademarks are owned by Mattel.  Doll Clothes Superstore is not affiliated with American Girl or Mattel or any other doll manufacturer.  Our clothes are our own design and handmade.