Cabbage Patch Kids Preemie

The original Cabbage Patch Kids dolls were handmade and approximately 18 inches in height. When the rights were sold to a toy company, the manufactured dolls were approximately 16 inch in height. Now a days there are several sizes of these dolls. One variation of the original dolls are Preemie dolls which are designed to resemble premature babies. These doll have smaller features and bodies as compared to the standard Cabbage Patch Kids. The Preemie dolls are approximately 14 inches in length with a smaller neck and waist.
There is another smaller size Cabbage Patch Kid which is the Newborn size.  The difference between Preemie and Newborn dolls is very small and the clothes for those two dolls are interchangeable. However the clothes for the standard Cabbage Patch doll will not fit these two dolls. The clothes made for the standard size Cabbage Patch will be too long and too baggy.
At Doll Clothes Superstore we make clothes for both of these smaller size dolls. In each of the product listings of our doll clothes we state the dolls that the items will fit. If you do not find something that interests you or your child on this page, some of the clothes of the Baby Alive Doll clothes pages will fit the Preemie or Newborn Cabbage Patch dolls. Specifically clothes marked to fit a 14 inch little baby doll will fit the Preemie and New Born dolls.  If you are in question concerning the fit of any of our doll clothes, please contact us at and we can guide you in your decision.

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