16 Inch Cabbage Patch Kids Sleepwear

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Getting your little girl to get ready for bedtime has never been easier!  Sometimes there is the prolonging of leaving the TV or family activities to head to bed but have her doll  friend to go with her helps take the drag out of bedtime. Your little princess will love getting ready for bedtime or naptime when she has Cabbage Patch Doll sleepwear. Our Cabbage Patch Kids clothes selection includes nightclothes like gowns and pajama sets. They’re even handmade!
Beautiful colors, patterns and designs on our Cabbage Patch Kids pajamas make these extra special, and they include special details that you only normally find in human clothing like lace trim, satin trim, and hand stitching. While most of the doll sleepwear is cotton blend fabric, there are also flannels for chilly nights and satins for a silky cuddly feeling.  All the doll nightgowns and pajamas are machine washable.
An extra advantage to the Cabbage Patch nightgowns and pajamas is that they will also fit 15-16 inch dolls which is the size for most of the generic baby dolls.  They will also fit 18 inch girl dolls like American Girl, Our Generation, Madame Alexander and My Life dolls  The body of these dolls is nearly the same size as the Cabbage Patch Kid so the item will just be a little bit shorter.
Now she can take her Cabbage Patch Doll to sleepovers with her friends or to Grandma’s house for a slumber party! While she gets ready for bed her doll can too. Our online selection even allows her to have more than one outfit for nighttime. When you purchase Cabbage Patch Doll clothes for her doll, go ahead and order some doll sleepwear for her too as an extra special surprise. They’ll both be counting sheep in no time!