Baby Doll Clothes

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Shopping around for baby doll clothes? Doll Clothes Superstore carries a wide assortment for a variety of dolls including Bitty Baby Doll Clothes and outfits for dolls in a wide range of small to large sizes. We even have twin clothes for multiples matching girl and doll options! Whether you have an American Girl doll, a Bitty Baby, or just a favorite doll, we have something for you.

With this collection, your little one will never run out of things to dress her toy in. From the tiniest ones to the tallest, we have quite the collection of baby doll clothes, including dresses, pants, sleepwear, holiday outfits, shoes, beachwear, and coats.  You can even find Boy Doll Clothes here!

Choose among rompers, dresses and other baby doll clothes for any sized baby doll. If your child’s doll measures from 14” to 16”, then the Bitty Baby Doll section will offer baby doll clothes to fit. Baby Doll Clothes Sizing Guide!
For dolls that are a bit smaller, we'’ve stocked a range in the Little Baby Doll Clothes section. Choose among rompers and dresses. If your child’s doll measures from 14”-16 inches”, then the Bitty Baby Doll section is where you want to go. Larger dolls that wear clothing in the 18”-22” category will fit into the clothing offered in the large section. Twins? We’ve even got sets that are made and sold together for boy and girl twins if there’s double the trouble (and joy!)

Still not sure what size your doll is? Check out our Baby Doll Clothes Sizing Guide!