18 Inch Doll Accessories

What’s a girl to do without accessories? The key to fashion is to accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! The same goes for her doll since each outfit can only be considered complete when the perfect  18 inch girl doll accessories are found. Eighteen inch girl dolls refers to dolls that measure 18 inches from head to toe and have a slinder body such as a girls bodies. There are 18 inch baby dolls but they would not wear the clothes on this page because the 18 inch baby dolls have a chubby body similiar to the body shape of a baby. The most common 18 inch girl dolls are American Girl, Our Generation and My Life dolls.
Shop with us fo doll eyeglasses to match your little girl or doll necklaces that will go perfectly with her outfit. We have all the doll clothes and accessories for 18-inch girl dolls you need at prices you’ll love. Our doll clothes are all handmade, our own unique design and machine washable.
Eyeglasses and sunglasses are especially nice because little girls can make their dolls match her! And it’s all about individuality. Add a bit of sparkle and shine to an outfit with a handmade necklace or make her feel like a princess with a tiara and beautiful wand.
Everyone knows that pretty hair is something important to all girls! We stock barrettes and bow clips that allow your daughter to create new and different hairstyles. We also have doll hair brushes just the right size and bristles for ease in hair dressing. Other various doll accessories include umbrellas, hairbrushes and duffle bags. We even have hangers so her clothes don’t get wrinkled and stay organized.
All these doll accessories for 18-inch dolls can absolutely make an outfit!

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