Fits Fashion Dolls & Ken

In 1959, Ruth Handler invented and introduced the world to her doll Barbie who was name after Ruth's daughter. Two years later Ken was introduce and he was named after Ruth's son. Ken has been known as Barbie friend and boyfriend but whatever his title he has been Barbie's favorite guy.
Girls playing with Barbie dolls love to have a wide assortment of clothes and changing Barbie's clothes is the fun of playing with Barbie. She is most often wearing formal gowns or very fancy outfits. Ken on the other hand seems to most often be wearing shorts. At Doll Clothes Superstore we think he should have a good array of Barbie and Ken clothes and accessories also.  In the years since he has been created, he has had over 50 occupations and certainly he cannot wear shorts in all of those occupations.  So our handmade Ken clothes sets include business casual wear for any office and slightly more business suits with coordinating ties. We have Fits Fashion costumes that he can appropriately wear on Halloween or other dress up occasions. And of course if Ken is escorting Barbie to the palace ball or evening out on the town, we have tuxedos for him.
Our Ken clothes sets also fit the traditional GI Joe doll who is most ordinary dressed in camouflage. But all military folks need to wear other clothing on their off duty time so we have clothes for GI Joe in a variety styles.
So do not leave your Ken dolls in beach attire or GI Joe in camouflage all the time, help them join Barbie and the fashion world with handmade good quality clothes at reasonable prices.