Matching Girl and Doll Clothes

Grandmothers of long ago who loved to sew often made their daughters and grand daughters clothes. Sewing was not just a hobby for Grandma but a way to make something the girls would love. Often Grandma would use left over bits of fabric to make something for a doll. Then in the 1980's the 18 inch girl dolls were introduced and almost immediately gained popularity.  With that renewed interest in dolls, matching clothes for girls and dolls grew in popularity.
At Doll Clothes Superstore, we love designing and making matching girl and doll dresses, shorts, pants, pajamas, and nightgowns in a large variety of fabrics and styles. We hope our matching clothes will give girls an opportunity to show their style and explore fashions.
We pride ourselves on making the doll clothes an exact replica of the child's clothes and we make the matching doll clothes in several sizes so regardless of the size of the favored doll, there is a matching outfit for that loved doll.
Girl and doll matching clothes are a great gift for birthdays, holidays or just to send love to a special girl. The coordinating girl and doll matching outfits also make a fantastic photo opportunity.