Matching girl and doll nightgowns and pajamas can make bedtime special. They are adorable and can make for a fun and cozy experience. At Doll Clothes Superstore we make a good variety of both nightgowns and pajamas in many styles and fabrics.  We have flannel clothes for those cool nights and thin cotton blends for warm summer evenings and many other fabrics in between the cool and warm nights.
We make matching sleepwear from size 3 to size 14. Occasionally one size is out of stock but check back frequently as we are always sewing, making new designs and replenishing our stock. All our handmade clothes are our own design.
The doll outfit will always be an exact copy of the girls outfit and will fit the doll that we mention in the description. Many of the items are very versatile and will fit several different size dolls. So whether your girl has an every popular American Girl, Our Generation, My Life doll or a treasured family doll that has been passed through the generations, you will most likely find a matching sleepwear set to fit the doll.
The matching girl and doll nightgowns and pajamas are very popular for the December holidays but they make a great gift for birthdays and all holidays all year long.  They are also a nice surprise for no other reason than to send your love.  We will gift wrap your purchase for free, just let us know the occasion and the message. Happy fun finding a matching outfit to make someone very happy!