WebKinz Clothes

Webkinz refers to stuffed animals franchised by the Ganz Company. There were a huge assortment of Webkinz plush animals and each came with a tag with a unique secret code  printed on it that allows its owner to play with their pet online in a series of different games. There were also Lil' Webkinz just a smaller version of the original size animals. 
In 2019 Ganz announced that no new plush pets would be released, but virtual pets could be purchased. Then in 2020 new Webkinz pets were released which started a new generation of pets.
Our Webkinz plush animal clothes fit the animals that were first released. Some of the animals are two legged and some are four legged so clothes that fit one animal may not fit other animals. When selecting doll clothes for your plush animal it is best to choose clothes that are shown on an animal similar in shape to your animal.
While the clothes on this page were designed to fit Webkinz animals, they will fit any small similar size plush animals including many of the TY plush animals.
We hope the description of the clothes will help you find a proper size outfit for your plush animal so it can be the envy of all the other plush animals.
Happy playing with all your plush animals and dolls.
Please note we are not affiliated with Ganz, TY or any plush animal or doll maker, we simply design and manufacturer doll clothing for a vast variety of kinds and sizes of dolls and stuffed animals.