Have you ever wondered why aprons were invented? In ancient times, the apron was worn for practical, decorative, and ritualistic purposes.  In modern times the apron is a fashion item, an expression of personality, a representation of healthy eating, and a vintage buy. 
Wearing an apron is useful in keeping your clothes from getting dirty or ruined by tough to remove stains. It also prevents the food you are preparing from coming into contact with the dust, dirt, hair, germs that might be floating around you. While you are preparing the food, you can also show off your personality in the apron you choose. 
There are two types of aprons, the half apron, which is the one that goes from the waist usually to the mid-thigh but it can also be longer. A full or ‘bib’ apron is the most popular and common type. It covers the chest and loops or ties at the back then ties at the waist. We make both types of aprons and use cotton fabric for all of our aprons. 
We have handmade cotton fabric aprons for sale for all genders and sizes and in a huge variety of prints. We have aprons for Holidays and special interests. Some have pockets, some do not. All have a long sash that ties in the back and is long enough to accommodate most people. 
In each description, we state the measurements for the aprons and details specific to the apron. Happy cooking and mealtime with your family, friends, and loved ones.