16 Inch Cabbage Patch Shorts & Pants

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The official Cabbage Patch Kids story tells of a young boy who was led by a Bunny-bee through a waterfall, down a long tunnel, and out into a magical land where a cabbage patch grew little children. When he was asked to help, the boy agreed to find loving homes for these Cabbage Patch Kids. Finding homes for the "little children" was easy as they were huggable and unique. And so from the 70's till today, Cabbage Patch Kid dolls have been a popular doll for children of all ages.  We keep the original idea of uniqueness alive by making our hand made doll clothes in a large variety of styles using many kinds of fabrics, prints, trims and accessories. We do not mass produce the clothes but make a small quantity of each outfit so that we provide an endless variety of unique clothes for these adorable dolls. We recognize not every child or occasion calls for a wardrobe of dresses only so here you will find shorts, capris and pants for the kids who love clothes they can wear while doing somersaults, tumbling, splits, handstands and backflips.  Most of the tops close in the back with Velcro and most of the shorts and pants have elastic waist. Occasionally there are clothes with decorative buttons but the Velcro is hidden under the buttons since we understand little fingers can be frustrated trying to manage buttons and buttonholes. Both of these features means that the shorts and pants here will easily adjust to fit Cabbage Patch dolls in the 15-16 inch size range. In most cases the doll clothing on this page will also fit 15-16 inch baby dolls which is the most common size of most of the generic baby dolls that are sold in the large chain stores..