Clothes For Baby Alive

Baby Alive is a very popular doll for young children.  The Baby Alive dolls are most commonly in two standard sizes. One is 14 inches tall with a 10 1/2 inch waist. Potty Dance, Sweet Tears, Sweet Spoonful's, and Lulu Achoo are a couple popular baby alive dolls this size. The other common doll is 12 inches tall with an 8 inch waist. Just to name a few, dolls with those measurements are Sunshine Snack, Glam Spa, Lil Sips, Magical Mixer and the boy doll Snacking Luke.
There is a third size which is a soft body doll named  Baby Alive Sweet n Snuggly Baby who is 13 inches tall with a 9 inch waist.
The clothes on the Baby Alive doll clothes pages fit many of the generic small baby dolls as well as small stuffed animals. If you have a small baby doll compare it against these Baby Alive measurement to see if these clothes are an appropriate fit.  The most critical measurement is the waist to make sure it will not be too tight. The neck size on most of these dolls is nearly the same size and usually not an issue that affects the fit of the doll clothes  The height being off an inch or two just means to item will be slightly shorter or longer on your doll.
Our Baby Alive doll outfits are handmade and we make a large variety of fancy and casual doll dresses, pants and shorts, beachwear and sleepwear and costumes for Holidays. All the clothes use Velcro as a closure and most of the pants, shorts have elastic waist. We are constantly making new designs for dolls in this size range. Our Baby Alive doll dresses and clothes are our own designs and made to fit the dolls listed in the category.