18 Inch Doll Clothes Party Dress

 If your girl is taking her 18 inch doll to a party there are a great many choices here at Doll Clothes Superstore. Our designers as well as our founder are very much girls who love fancy dresses. So designing clothes for dolls going to a party is one of their specialties.

 There are glamorous ball gowns with a full skirt and intricate details such as lace, sequins, or embroidered trims. You will also find sparkle dresses with sequins or glitter embedded in the material. For the fun loving girls, thee are Tutu dresses with layers of tulle. We also have princess-inspired dresses from some of the most loved princesses.

  Many of the party doll dresses are made with satin, brocade and designer fabrics all giving a dazzling effect. Details like bows, ruffles, lace and embroidery make these 18 inch girl doll party dresses truly unique.

  If your doll is off to a costume party, we have the clothes for that occasions also. Our handmade Pirate and bear costumes as well as mermaid outfits will make your doll stand out from the crowd who are most likely wearing  mass produced doll clothes.

 Whether she’s headed to a fairytale ball or over to Grandma’s house for a special lunch, your 18 inch girl doll will certainly be well dressed wherever her adventures take her. To complete her outfit, look for party shoes to complement each and every dress.

 Happy shopping while you plan for your next party! 

DISCLAIMER: American Girl and associated trademarks are owned by Mattel.  Doll Clothes Superstore is not affiliated with American Girl or Mattel or any other doll manufacturer.  Our clothes are our own design and handmade.