18 Inch Doll Socks & Tights

Just like your little girl’s wardrobe, 18-inch doll socks and tights are an absolute necessity. Of course, fashion minded folks are not going to wear socks or tights with open sandals but with other shoes, socks and tights can provide warmth in the cool and winter seasons. They can also be used to make fashion statements.
A very trendy look is to wear a very short dress with a pair of tights. Some of our blouses that are long can be used with tights to make this trendy look. Shopping on the pants and shorts pages will give you ideas of outfits that can be used as displayed or remove the shorts and add tights for a very cool look. Outfits that can be mixed and matched with other products, such as tights offer more opportunities for creativity.
Normally we have white, pink, navy and black tights. If they are not displayed now, check back again when we restock. Our white lace socks are a classic item that can be used with a wide range of doll outfits. They’re casual enough to wear with everyday outfits (just like hers!) but sophisticated enough to wear with dresses and skirts since they’re trimmed with white lace. 
All of socks and tights on this page fit 18-inch girl dolls like American Girl, Our Generation, My Life as well as most other dolls in this size range. Because these items are made with stretch material, they will also fit 14-16 inch baby dolls.
Our doll clothing and most accessories are our own design and are handmade and machine washable. If you have questions regarding any of our items, please contact us at

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