Baby Alive Sleepwear

Baby Alive is a very popular baby doll who was first made in 1973 by the Kenner Company. The first doll had a new concept in that she could be feed with play food that came with her along with a bottle, spoon and a necessary diaper. Right from introduction the doll was very popular with sales of more than a million dolls a year.
Hasbro bought the Baby Alive franchise in 2006 and added a new feature that the doll could talk and tell you when she needed food, drink, a diaper change or a hug.  Each year there are new dolls in a variety of styles who can speak on a variety of topics. 
You can make bedtime special for your favorite girl and her doll with some cute sleepwear. We have pajamas, nightgown and bathrobes so your girl will find something that suits her fancy for her doll. The sleepwear is most often cotton blend or satin and in a variety of patterns and solids.
Baby Alive dolls come in several sizes but the most common are either 14 or 12 inches tall with a 10.5 or 8 inch waist. So the doll clothing on this page is not just for Baby Alive dolls but for similar size dolls. To help you decide if these clothes will fit your little baby doll, we list the measurements of the doll modeling the clothes so that can be your guide as to how the item will fit your doll.
The pajamas have elastic waist and the nightgowns are loose fitting which means they will fit many other similar size dolls.
At Doll Clothes Superstore our clothes are our own design. We are not affiliated with Hasbro or any doll maker. We make doll clothes to fit many size dolls.