Baby Alive Shorts and Pants

Baby Alive dolls were first introduced in 1973 by the Kenner Company. Those dolls could be fed food packets and came with a bottle, diapers, and spoon. The doll was very popular in the 1980's selling about 1 million dolls each year.
In 2006, Hasbro bought the Baby Alive franchise and reintroduced the doll who could speak and tell you when   she needed to be fed or needed her diaper changed. Hasbro continues to make dolls who can speak on a variety of topics. Today there are new and different Baby Alive dolls being designed and they continue to grow in popularity. 
Some dolls just like some girls like to tumble, do acrobatic tricks and somersaults. Those dolls are best dressed in shorts or pants rather than dresses or skirts. So we make a large variety of pants, shorts, and Capris so your girl will be certain to find something she thinks is suitable for her doll.
But the clothes on this page are not just for Baby Alive  who is most often a 12 or 14 inch doll.  There are many other common dolls that are this size range so these doll pants and shorts fit many different dolls.  In the description you will find the measurements of the doll modeling the clothes which can be a guide if you are buying for doll in this size range. The critical size to watch for is the waist measurement to make sure the outfit will go around your dolls stomach.  Many of the pants and shorts have elastic waist to help in ensure these clothes will fit many other manufacturers dolls.
We are not affiliated with Hasbro or any doll maker. We design and make doll clothes to fit dolls and list the doll sizes that the clothes will fit.