16 Inch Cabbage Patch Beachwear

Due to the lack of swimwear clothing for Cabbage Patch Kid dolls, little girls and boys often had to be creative to make their own version of a bathing suit for their doll. Wrapping a rectangular piece of cloth around the dolls body passed as a one piece bathing suit.  We love the creativity of kids and we try to make sure we make clothes that can be mixed and matched to encourage their creativity.  But when it comes to swimwear we wanted to help them out so we designed one and two piece bathing suits for Cabbage Patch Kids.
Then with the popular interest in mermaids, we thought the well loved dolls should also be able to participate in the mermaid fun. We know very few doll clothing companies are making Cabbage Patch swimwear, so we are constantly developing new styles using a variety of fabrics. Please look at the swimwear on the baby doll pages as in many cases those clothes will also fit Cabbage Patch Kids. The details in the description of the baby doll items will also list details if those bathing suits will also fit Cabbage Patch Kid dolls.