12-13 Inch Cabbage Patch Clothes

Often little girls and boys especially toddlers choose a doll based on size. The small soft dolls are easiest for them to carry. The 12 and 13 inch size Cabbage Patch Kid dolls are perfect for toddlers and young children. In the earliest days Cabbage Patch Kid dolls were generally 16 or 18 inches in length but over the years, the manufacturer has created many different sizes. They now range in size all the way from key chain size to 16 inch dolls.
While there is no specific name for the 12-13 inch Cabbage Patch Kid dolls, they are usually referred to as Preemie or Newborn size dolls which are approximately 14 inches in length.  Good news is at Doll Clothes Superstore we know there is only a slight difference in size at the neck and waist of the 12-13 inch dolls and the Preemie and Newborn size so we make some one size clothes that will fit all of these dolls. We do this by using elastic at the waist so it will stretch to the size of the waist. We use angel sleeves or elastic edge sleeves which will accommodate all these size dolls. So if you are looking for doll clothes for any of these size Cabbage Patch Kid dolls look at the 12-13 page and the Newborn, Preemie pages. The measurements of the clothes are in the listing of each item.  If you are not sure about your selection, email us at  We are always happy to help you make a choice to put a smile on some ones face!

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