Baby Doll Clothes Dresses

Baby dolls are those dolls that resemble the shape of a human baby. They have a chubby stomach so the clothes that fit dolls with a slimmer body will not fit most baby dolls. There are many baby dolls made by various doll makers and generally the most common size baby doll is about 15-16 inches from head to toe. At Doll Clothes Superstore we love designing dresses for baby dolls. The clothes on this page were designed to fit a baby doll that is roughly 15-16 inches in length.  If you are looking for doll dresses for larger dolls, visit our pages of clothes for big baby dolls. If you have a little baby doll, we have clothes for them also and you can find them by visiting our pages of clothes for little baby dolls. And for the Cabbage Patch Kid baby dolls who have very chubby necks, we have pages of clothes for them also on the Cabbage Patch Kid clothes pages. 
While some of the doll dresses have decorative buttons, all the dresses close with Velcro so that little fingers don't have to get frustrated with buttons and ties. There are dresses with lace, sequins, embroidered flowers and special trim so every girl and doll will have some choices that strike her fancy.
We have baby doll dresses for everyday life and events, for special occasions and even dresses for holidays and costume parties. We know that dolls are going to be invited to a wide variety of places and activities so we make sure that whatever the event or occasion, you will find a just right outfit. So have fun looking for a doll dress that will take your favorite baby doll to a day of fun.