18 Inch Doll Boy or Girl Shorts

The most popular dolls on the market today are what are commonly referred to as 18-inch dolls. The American Girl doll was the first doll in this group to be the favored doll. Then Target introduced the Our Generation dolls and Walmart introduced the My Life dolls which were all almost identical in size to the American Girl dolls and all were generally referred to as 18 inch dolls. These manufactures make both boy and girl dolls and all have a slim body. There are 18 inch baby dolls that have much larger chest and waist so the type of doll body is critical when purchasing doll clothes.  
Unlike dresses and evening gowns that are most often worn on girl dolls, there are many shorts that are unisex. At Doll Clothes Superstore we design traditional shorts and cargo style shorts in many colors and fabrics and suitable for both or girl dolls. Add a T-shirt, polo shirt, hoodie, vest or jacket and the doll is ready to go almost anywhere for a day of fun.
With just a few tops and bottoms, the doll clothes can be mixed and matched to make many different outfits. Doll clothes are not limited to gender stereotypes, and dolls can wear any clothes that reflect the child's preferences or imagination. 
We hope you find shorts for 18 inch boy and girl dolls here that align with your child's preferences. In addition the the shorts you see on this page, please check out the doll clothing on the pants page as there are some items there which are just longer style shorts. As always, if you have questions, please contact us at
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