14 Inch Cabbage Patch Kids Clothes

Cabbage Patch Kid dolls were an extreme rage when they were first sold in toy and large discount department stores in the 1970's. At that time the dolls were 16 inches in height. Over the years, the popularity has remained high and the dolls have been produced in many sizes. The most common Cabbage Patch Kids dolls are 15-16 inches from head to toe and the labeling on those boxes simply says Cabbage Patch Kid doll. However there are several smaller versions of this doll and the most common ones sold have the names of Newborn or Preemie. Those dolls have the same neck size opening but are slightly smaller in waist and measure 14 inches from head to toe. The reason to mention the neck size is that all the Cabbage Patch dolls have a chubby neck which means their clothing needs a larger than normal neck opening. While the body size of the Cabbage Patch Kid dolls is the same as common baby dolls, the neck size of Cabbage Patch dolls means the average baby doll clothes will not go around their necks. The clothes on this page fit the Cabbage Patch Kid dolls that measure 14 inches in length and are commonly called Preemie or Newborn Cabbage Patch Kids.
All the clothes close with Velcro and are machine washable. We use a variety of fabrics including satin, cotton, polyester and flannel and the description states the fabric that was used in the outfit. We also use a variety of trim including lace, ribbon, and embroidery appliques. Some fabrics have sequins embedded in the fabric and that is also stated in the description.
There are many Cabbage Patch collectors who have loved their doll since the 70's and they too will find an outfit  for their treasured doll.