Stuffed Animal Clothes

Stuffed animals are known by many names such as plush toys, plushies, stuffed animals, and stuffies; in Britain and Australia, they may also be called soft toys or cuddly toys. Whatever the name, stuffed animals have been a favorite for decades. By the way, the first stuffed toy was a felt elephant originally sold as a pincushion in 1880. Today the most popular stuffed animals are bears of all kinds and sizes. The classic teddy bear is the  most popular stuffed animal out there. So here at Doll Clothes Superstore we make a variety of doll clothing for bears. We have jumpers, dresses, skirts and blouse, overalls pajamas and nightgown to dress up your stuffed animals for a day or night of fun.
Since there is no standard size for stuffed animals and they range from a few inches to a few feet in size, when we show the plush animal clothes we list the size of the animal that is modeling the clothes.
The second most popular category of stuffed animals are our domestic friends, dogs and cats. Those guys are a bit trickier to dress since their four legs don't adjust well to clothes that were designed for the teddy bear shape.
When choosing clothes for your big or small stuffed animal, consider the neck size as well as the chest, waist and length of the animal. The stomach can be squished a bit to fit into clothing but the neck size needs to be a fairly accurate measurement.
An extra benefit of the stuffed animal clothing is that many large baby dolls in the 18-22 inch size category can wear doll clothes from the plush animal clothes. So check out the dresses, pants, shorts, sleepwear for an outfit that will fit your stuffed animal as well as big baby doll.