18 Inch Doll Special Occasions

Special occasions call for special outfits, and you can find all of the best ones right here at Doll Clothes Superstore. When an exceptional event comes up, your little girl will want to look her best and she'll want her doll to also look fantastic! Whether she’s cheering at a football game, competing in an ice skating competition or aiming for a black belt in karate, we have the outfit that she’ll need.  You can find American Girl outfits for all kinds of special events, from our American Girl first communion outfits to the American Girl cowgirl ensemble. There are also those very special wedding dresses with lots of lace and a veil. All the little delightful details really count and we use a great variety of lace, ribbon and embroidered accents! Order your American Girl ice skating outfit, cheerleading uniform, flower girl dress, or doctor uniform today!
There are many 18 inch girl dolls and they are all very popular. The best known are American Girl, Our Generation and My Life dolls and the body measurements of all are just about the same so our 18 inch girl doll clothes will fit all these dolls. 
All of our doll clothes are our own designs and handmade. We do not mass produce any of the clothes and make a very limited amount of each design. So your doll will own an outfit that is unique.  Adding accessories like socks and tights, shoes, jewelry, glasses and hair accessories will complete your dolls special occasion outfit.
If you have questions regarding our doll clothes, please contact us at Have fun selecting a special outfit for your special girl and her doll!
DISCLAIMER: American Girl and associated trademarks are owned by Mattel.  Doll Clothes Superstore is not affiliated with American Girl or Mattel or any other doll manufacturer.  Our clothes are our own design and handmade.

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