18 Inch Doll Beachwear

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If summertime is right around the corner or you'll be going away on a family vacation, your little one will want to take her American Girl doll with her most likely. Make sure both her and her doll are ready for warm weather, the cool water, the high humidity and an abundance of sunshine with American Girl beachwear. She'll be storming down the sand to the ocean - just make sure she doesnÂ’t take her doll there with her!

This doll beachwear can also be worn in the event your daughter and her American Girl take a trip to the pool, lake, or water amusement park. Although mothers will probably prefer the doll stay at home, daughters can create her own beach, lake or park indoors.

Choose from American Girl doll beach outfits and bathing suits in a variety of colors, styles, and designs. They're made from the highest quality materials and feature the most unique of designs.

American Girl beachwear is presently Out of Stock and should be replenished shortly.

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