Hand Made

At Doll Clothes Superstore we love handmade products and products made in the United States. Our staff thrives on new ideas for handmade products and delights in their creation. In addition to sewn items, we are avid knitters and cross stitches, so we have many items in those two categories.  

We have many requests from people who have seen or bought some of our items that are in addition to our doll clothes to make them available online. We debated on how best to do this and decided to have another category on Doll Clothes Superstore for the additional items that are not just related to doll clothes. If you have purchased our doll clothes, you know the quality, we do not take short cuts and make quality items using a variety of materials. 

One of our firs new categories is for aprons which are 100 percent cotton machine washable fabric with cross stitch panels. Some are half aprons; some are full length with a bib at the bodice.  We have aprons for Holidays, animal lovers, and friendship designs.  These make great hostess gifts and are made large enough to fit almost all body sizes.  The sashes allow the user to tie the apron sash to fit their body.

 Another category found on this page is for knit beanie style hats.  They are double knit for warmth. Some have removeable pom-poms. There are beanie hats for both children and adults in a variety of themes.  Knitted caps for Holidays, sport teams and just for fun to keep warm while looking stylish. 

Some of our best ideas have come from our customers, so if there were something you would like to see here, email us and we will gladly consider your suggestion. Visit often as we continually add products.