YODA Clothes

Most everyone likes a hero, a force of good over evil and every saga has its heroes. They are the brave warriors that fight the forces of evil with the power of good. Star Wars is one of those stories where it’s easy to see who the heroes and villains are which is part of its overwhelming success and appeal. Coupled with the fact that everyone loves a baby, along comes Baby Yoda stuffed toy! Small in size but wise and powerful baby Yoda is favorite for many.
Both kids and adults love dressing their Yoda with new robes. It was an adult who first contacted us and said please make baby Yoda stuffed toy clothes. Thus today we have robes in both traditional Star Wars print, Yoda print, Disney prints and everyday solid color robes. 
Yoda and baby Yoda come in many different sizes ranging from a little Yoda who is a few inches tall and can sit on your shoulder to dolls that are a couple feet tall. Some are stuffed and some are hard bodies. Some of the hard body Yoda have mechanical parts. Our baby Yoda outfits are loose fitting, which follows the style of the original robes, thus if the doll has mechanical parts that you need to access, that is easily done when the robe is loose fitting.
Since the robes are loose fitting the chest and waist measurements do not to be an exact fit. However, the length of the doll is important to consider in purchasing a robe so as to get the correct length on the doll. In the description of each item of baby Yoda stuffed toy clothes, we list the height of the Yoda who is modeling the robe.
Baby Yoda is a powerful little tike so dress him appropriately for all occasions in our original designs of baby Yoda outfit.