Guidelines on Various Size Baby Dolls

Guidelines on What Size Doll Clothes Purchase for Various Size Baby Dolls

Baby dolls come in a huge variety of sizes. Just take a look in a department or toy store and you will see a huge variety of baby dolls. Once you have purchased a doll, thrown the box away and then want to buy doll clothes for that favorite doll, there is always the question of what size doll clothes do you buy?

Here are some tips that will help you in deciding doll clothes sizes to buy for the doll. Read on and learn how to measure a doll for clothes.

Generally baby dolls fall into one of four different size categories: large baby dolls, medium baby dolls, small baby dolls and mini baby dolls.

The following are the approximate measurements for each of the four sizes of baby dolls.

Remember no doll will be exactly these measurements but each doll will closely fall into one of the four categories.

Large Baby Dolls

  • Large baby dolls are approximately 19”-23” tall
  • Their body measurements are approximately
  • Chest 16.5”
  • Waist 16.5”
  • Hips 17.5”
  • Neck circumference 8.5”
  • Head circumference 15”

 Medium Baby Dolls

  • Medium baby dolls are approximately 14”-16” tall
  • Their measurements are about
  • Chest 13”
  • Waist 12.5”
  • Hips 13”
  • Neck circumference 8”
  • Head circumference 12.25”

 Small Baby Dolls

  • Small baby dolls are about 12” tall
  • Their measurements are roughly
  • Chest 12”
  • Waist 11”
  • Hips 11.5”
  • Neck circumference 7”
  • Head circumference 11.75”

 Mini Baby Dolls

  • Mini baby dolls are approximately 8” tall
  • Their measurements are approximately
  • Chest 7”
  • Waist 4.75”
  • Hips 4.75”
  • Neck circumference 3.5”
  • Head circumference 6.25”

Take the baby doll you are going to purchase doll clothes for and see which of the four categories closest fits your dolls measurements.

That will be the size doll clothes you will look to purchase.

If your baby doll is border line on a size it is best to purchase the bigger size doll clothes, rather than the smaller. This will help insure the doll clothes will go on easily and without frustration.

Few doll clothes are an exact fit and that is intentional by the designer of the doll clothes. Roomy styles mean easier to dress on your baby doll.

If you are undecided after checking your dolls measurements with these guidelines most sellers will be happy to advise you in the doll clothes size selection to purchase.


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