Cabbage Patch Animals

Good News!  There are new Cabbage Patch dolls to love, the Cabbage Patch Exotic Animals collection!  These new dolls are 9-`10 inches tall. They are soft and cuddly with sweet happy faces. The dolls come with a onesie that is sewn on the doll and most have an adjustable hood which is also attached.
We know the imagination and creativity of children would require these lovies to have clothes for different occasion so our designers and sewers quickly went to work. While our supply of clothes is limited right now, we have many new outfits on our drawing board. We are making the clothes so they will easily slip over the attached clothing that comes on the dolls.
Like all the other Cabbage Patch Kid dolls, these cute animals have chubby necks and waist. The waist is approximately 10 inches and most other doll clothes made for other little dolls will not fit these animals. Most other doll clothes for 9-10 inch dolls have a much smaller waist.
Generally there are three animals in a box and each Cabbage Patch exotic animal comes with a name and number so you can collect all of them.  They are very affordable so beginning a collection will not break the bank or your budget. 
Cabbage Patch Exotic Cuties are a great choice for young children as they are small, soft and easy to hold. We are making all the clothes for them with Velcro closures so little fingers will not struggle dressing their Cabbage Patch Exotic animal.
These Cuties are ready for excitement and fun. So shop for an outfit for them and watch the fun begin.
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