Cabbage Patch Kids Shoes

Cabbage Patch Kids are totally cute soft body dolls that were first created in 1978 by an art student. The dolls were hand stitched so each unique. In 1982 Coleco sold the dolls and popularity for them was enormous.  Since then those little people we now know as Cabbage Patch Kids have maintained their popularity. They are perfect for young children as their soft bodies are cuddly and easy to hold.
The dolls now come in many sizes ranging from 9 to 16 inches.  The most common size is the 15 or 15 inch doll which is sold in most toy or department stores.
Buying clothes for these cuties can be difficult as their head, neck and feet measurements are larger than typical baby dolls in this size range. The dolls have chubby necks and feet so generic baby doll clothes most often do not fit them. Their shoes are hard to find and most often expensive.
At Doll Clothes Superstore, our Cabbage Patch Dolls Shoes are our own design and made to fit these dolls. On this page we have handmade cloth shoes designed specifically for the Cabbage Patch Dolls feet. The shoes have a variety of trims which are hand sewn on the shoes. Since many stuffed animals also have chubby ankles, these shoes will also fit stuffed animals of approximately the same size.