14 Inch Doll Clothes

The best part of playing with dolls for many children is changing the dolls clothes to go along with the scene they are creating in their play time. The dolls that seems to have the largest wardrobes are the 11.5 fashion dolls such Barbie and the 18 inch girl dolls like American Girl, Our Generation and My Life dolls. But there are thousands of other dolls on the market that are loved and played with who also need a variety of clothes to foster creativity during playtime.

Most often when buying clothes for a specific doll, the search starts with the height of the doll. Searching by height will be a generic guide, so it is best to consider the specific brand of the doll since waist and chest measurements can vary greatly with dolls of the same height.  For instance there are baby dolls who are 14 inches tall who have a much larger chest and waist than a 14 inch girl doll who typically has a slim body. 

The clothes on this page are for 14.5 inch tall dolls with a girl body such as Wellie Wisher and Sparkle Girl dolls who have a chest of approximately 6 inches and hips of 7 inches. There are also some porcelain dolls who have similar measurements.

If you are buying for a specific brand of doll it is always best to confirm the clothes will fit your child's specific doll. You can always contact us if you have a question about sizing or questions about doll clothes for a specific brands of doll.

There are more cute clothes for 14 inch dolls to come so visit us again.

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