18 Inch Doll Shoe Selection Page

There are many manufacturers making 18 inch dolls. The term 18 inch refers to the measurement from the dolls head to toe. The very first thing to consider before purchasing shoes for an 18 inch doll, is the dolls body type. Baby dolls are made in the 18 inch size and they have chubby bodies and chubby feet. There are 18 inch dolls that have a slender body and are commonly referred to as 18 inch girl dolls.  In addition to having a slender body, the feet are also narrower than the baby dolls feet. Luckily there are some shoes that will fit both baby and girl style 18 inch dolls and that is noted in the description.
Another important factor to consider in purchasing doll shoes is the age of the child that will be placing the doll shoes on the doll. Very young children might struggle with shoes that tie or have buckles. At Doll Clothes Superstore we have a good solution for young children. We have doll shoes that have buckles which are for appearance only and the shoes actually fasten with Velcro which is under the buckles. In the description of all of our doll shoes, it will state whether the shoes closes with Velcro or buckles and which style doll is modeling the shoes.
We offer a range of footwear options for different occasions, such as sports shoes, sandals, boots, dressy and casual shoes. Open toe sandals generally fit both the baby and girl type dolls. Please check the description of each item to ensure it is compatible with your doll and child and contact us at if you have any questions.
Happy shoe shopping!