Doll Clothes Superstore 25 Sets Of Fashion Doll Shoes Fits Barbie Doll Foot and 11 1/2 inch Dolls

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25 pair of brshoes
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This set of 25 pair of fashion doll shoes will fit Barbie with traditionally size foot and 11 1/2 inch dolls. The traditional Barbie has a foot shaped to wear high heeled shoes and is just slightly over 3/4" in length, to be exact her foot is 13/16" The shoes shown here are representative of the shoes you will receive. There may be some shoes that differ from the image, however all shoes are top quality and made to stay on the dolls feet. These shoes are made to fit the standard size Barbie and not fall off the feet. We have included 3 different views of the shoes so you get an idea of the shoes from front, top and side view. This listing is for one package of 25 pairs of shoes The doll is not included