Party Dresses for Barbie Doll

Barbie is the 11 1/2 fashion doll who is the most popular doll sold in history. Originally Barbie wore a zebra like black and white bathing suit. But it wasn't long before she became iconic for princess type and glamorous gowns. 
Since Mattel has sold over a billion dolls there are a whole lot of Barbie's who need clothes. We love designing fashions for Barbie because the types of fabrics that can be used in endless.  We use satin, silk, chiffon, crepe, organza, taffeta and or  brocades in our Barbie gowns. All the dresses close with Velcro and are machine washable. We also use a large variety of lace, ribbon, appliques trims and fabric with sequins embedded in the material. 
There are many other fashion dolls who are very close in measurements to Barbie.  Most dollar stores and some other toy manufacturers sell a fashion doll very similar in size to Barbie but are usually a bit thinner in the bust and waist but similar size in height. If you are shopping for those dolls, it is best to check their measurements against a Barbie doll to ensure proper fit.
Most of the fancy Barbie dresses on this page were designed to fit the standard size Barbie doll whose chest is 5.75 inches or 14.5 cm inches with a waist of 3.50 inches or 6cm. Occasionally we make dresses for the slimmer fashion dolls and it is noted in the description which size doll the dress fits.
If you have a naked Barbie at your house, have your favorite girl check out the party dresses and gowns on this page to properly dress Barbie. Surely she will find something for whatever the special event is that she has planned.
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