Casual Dresses for Barbie Doll

In March 1959, a new doll was introduced at the New York toy market. The blonde pony tailed doll was named Barbie and was wearing and black and white zebra striped bathing suit. 
Due to heavy marketing it did not take long for Barbie dolls to be extremely popular. Throughout the years, Barbie has generated huge sales and a good deal of controversy. Yet despite it all Barbie has become the most successful toy doll in history. 
Barbie has had a series of different jobs, from airline stewardess, doctor, pilot, astronaut, Olympic athlete and even U.S. presidential candidate. But her most popular trait has been to be a princess type who loves fancy and designer clothes. So you will find an enormous amount of party and princess style dresses for your Barbie.  But we know that every doll needs to have casual clothing for those days of just hanging around the house or yard with friends and family. So on this page you will find casual clothing for Barbie and other 11 1/2 inch fashion dolls.
Our Barbie casual clothes includes jumpers and skirts and blouses and shorts and pants made in cotton blend fabrics. Although some of the clothes have decorative buttons, all of the items close with Velcro and are machine washable.
We do not mass produce the items but instead we love designing a variety of doll clothes and making a small number of each of those design.  That means you little girl, or big girl collector will find unique designs that are constantly changing.  So visit this page often to see what else there is for your Barbie doll who is taking a break of high demand social princess events and just wants something cool, easy to throw on for a day of fun and relaxation.

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