Sleepwear Size 8

Little girls never outgrow their favorite dolls. Find matching size 8 clothing for your child and her doll at Doll Clothes Superstore. Our doll outfits come in three sizes to fit Cabbage Patch dolls, American Girl dolls and other dolls. Choose from cotton, flannel and silky satin pajamas in size 8 to keep your child comfortable all year long. No matter what your color, material or style, browse the pages and find the little girl and doll matching pajamas that are sure to please.

Clothes fit Our Generation Dolls.
We carry frilly lace options and cuddly two-piece button-down sets inside of our collection. Try our breathable cotton pajamas for year-round wear. Our pink and purple teddy bear pajamas are classic cotton options. The purple set comes with a collar, while the pink pair offers a satin-trimmed neckline and front. Our size 8 pink patchwork nightgown is always a favorite. This feminine sleepwear features pretty pink patches sewn together to create a comfy cotton dress. Find sophisticated satin options to jazz up your pajama collection. We carry short-sleeved, long-sleeved and nightgown pajamas for every size 8 child. Purchase simple pink or blue satin nightgowns for a timeless look that any child will love.
PLEASE NOTE: The child and doll clothes are sold in sets. You purchase the child outfit and doll outfit of your choice.  We offer the doll outfit in three types. They are American Girl Doll Size, Baby Doll Size, and Cabbage Patch Doll size.  In a few cases a Baby Alive or Little Baby size is available.  Make contact to see if your selection has a Baby Alive dress available.  Since the doll outfits come in three sizes, you have to chose the doll size that you want.  The matching doll dress will fit 18 inch dolls. If you would like the doll dress to fit a baby doll or a Cabbage Patch Kid doll, please note that in the comments box and we will switch from the 18 inch size doll dress to the baby doll or Cabbage Patch Kid doll size 
Please be aware, the clothes in this section are meant for people who want to order both a child and doll outfits. On the matching pages, you cannot buy just the child outfit without the matching doll outfit. For refunds, it will also be necessary to return both the child and doll clothes. Although some of the images on this page show the clothing on just the doll, all the items here are matching clothes for child and doll.

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