Shoes for Barbie Doll

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Barbie needs more than just one pair of shoes! Everyone is familiar with Barbie’s everyday high heels, but as all girls know, variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to shoes – Ladies need styles for all the different seasons! If Barbie is planning a trip to Malibu or anywhere else that’s tropical, she’s going to need an assortment of wedges, sandals and open-toed shoes. Choose from jelly sandal heels, wedge heel shoes, sling-backs and all varieties of strappy heels. With so many colors, she’ll never have to worry about picking out a pair for an outfit.

Barbie also needs shoes for colder weather. Keep her feet toasty with sneakers, cowboy boots, Mary Jane heels, high heel boots, clogs, and combat boots. Barbie’s always up to the minute with trends. With such an assortment from Doll Clothes Superstore, you can keep her feet updated too. Colors like mint green, neon pink and lavender will add a pop of color to any outfit.

The shoes on this page fit the traditional Barbie who has smaller feet. Most Barbie’s on the market have this size feet. The Barbie dolls with the larger feet cannot wear these Barbie shoes. For more information on the size of Barbie doll feet, please click on the link on this page, marked "Information of Sizes of Barbie Doll Feet"

Many of the shoes shown are available in other colors. Click on the image to see if there are options for other colors of the shoe shown. Please be aware the color may differ slightly from the image online. If you need a precise description of the color, it might be best to email us before ordering.


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