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Shop by Size: Pants & Shorts

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Doll Clothes Superstore is making it easier than ever to find the matching pants and shorts sets for girls and dolls that you want the most. Our delightful collection of coordinating outfits for girls and dolls can now be easily viewed by simply selecting your daughter’s size.

We’ve also made it simple to customize your order by allowing you to choose the doll’s size independently from the child’s size. This helps ensure that you’ll always get the right size for everyone on your list! We carry a variety of doll clothing options to fit all of the most popular dolls on the market.

Your little girl will be excited to be able to dress her favorite doll up as her twin. The adorable matching pants and shorts sets come in a variety of styles and colors, and feature comfortable, easy-to-care-for fabrics. Your little girl and her doll will always look their best when they’re dressed in one of our fashionable selections.

The Our Generation Doll is an 18 inch doll sold at the "Target" Department Store. It is the same height and body dimensions as the American Girl Doll. Therefore, all of the clothes on the American Girl Doll pages will fit the Our Generation Doll.
On the right sidef this page, you will see a sampling of some of our matching girls and dolls pants and shorts outfits.  For a full selection of our doll and girl clothes, visit the shop by size category from the list on the left.

PLEASE NOTE: The child and doll clothes are not sold in sets. You purchase the child outfit and then the doll outfit of your choice for an additional charge ususlly $9.50. This is for two reasons. We offer the doll outfit in four sizes. They are American Girl Doll Size, Baby Doll Size, Cabbage Patch Doll size and My Twinn doll size. Since the doll outfits come in four sizes, you have to chose the doll size that you want. The other reason these are not packaged sets and you purchase the doll size separately is that 40% of our customers buy more than one matching doll outfit. If we package them in a set, they would not be able to buy one child outfit with two matching doll outfits.
Please be aware, the clothes in this section are meant for people who want to order both a child and doll outfits. On the matching pages, you cannot buy just the child outfit without the matching doll outfit. For refunds, it will also be necessary to return both the child and doll clothes. Although most of the images on this page show the clothing on just the doll, all the items here are matching clothes for child and doll. Order the child size you want and then the doll size for an additional $9.50. The clothes are not packaged as a set because we give you the choice of the doll size that you want to purchase.
DISCLAIMER: American Girl and associated trademarks are owned by Mattel.  Doll Clothes Superstore is not affiliated with American Girl or Mattel or any other doll manufacturer.  Our clothes are our own design and handmade.